Celebrating European Data Protection Day 2024

Join us for PR!VACY ROMANIA 2024 and be part of the conversation shaping the future of data protection in Europe!

Welcome to PR!VACY ROMANIA 2024 – a virtual symposium organized by the Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD Romania) in celebration of European Data Protection Day. Join us for an insightful online edition where leading data protection specialists from Ireland, Italy, France, and Romania, all esteemed members of the Council of European Data Protection Officers (CEDPO), come together to assess the European experience in the almost six years since the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Event Highlights:

1. Assessing GDPR Implementation:
Explore the progress made by European Union states in implementing GDPR. Our expert panel will provide valuable insights into the challenges faced during the initial stages and share success stories.

2. Common Challenges Across Member States:
Delve into the common challenges that EU member states have encountered in the journey of GDPR compliance, enforcement, and adaptation to the dynamic data protection landscape.

3. Impact on Businesses and Individuals:
Understand the profound impact GDPR has had on businesses and individuals. Learn about changes in business practices, increased awareness among the public regarding data protection rights, and the overall influence on the digital economy.

4. Legal and Regulatory Developments:
Stay informed about the legal and regulatory developments that have shaped the data protection landscape in the EU post-GDPR. Explore amendments, court decisions, and emerging trends.

5. Technology and Data Security Considerations:
Gain insights into technological advancements and their implications for data security. Understand the role of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, in shaping effective data protection strategies.

6. International Cooperation and Challenges:
Learn about international collaborations and challenges arising from cross-border data transfers. Discover how the EU has engaged with non-EU countries and organizations in matters of data protection.

7. Public Awareness and Education Initiatives:
Explore efforts made to raise public awareness about data protection rights. Understand the steps taken to educate individuals and businesses on GDPR compliance.

8. Future Directions and Recommendations:
Conclude the event with discussions on the future directions of data protection in the EU. Our panelists will provide recommendations for further improvements, potential amendments to GDPR, and areas where additional guidance is needed.

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Time: 13.00 – Romanian Hour

About speakers

MARIA MAXIM – Member of the ASCPD Advisory Council

Maria Maxim has a large expertise in data privacy, legal, civil and commercial litigations, compliance and investigations, and she is currently involved in a PhD program on civil liabilities in the area of data protection.

She has an MBA degree at Maastricht School of Management Romania, a master degree in Business Law and several diplomas in Economics, more specifically in Banking & Stock Exchange Management and International Transaction Management.

She is certified as fraud investigator by Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and holds the International Advanced Certificate in Compliance and Financial Crime and the Diploma in Compliance, both granted by the International Compliance Association.




Maria holds the position of Senior Data Protection, Security and AI specialist in an Irish technologycompany entitled PrivacyEngine. She has a doctoral degree in Information Systems from Trinity College Dublin and the title of her thesis was: A Case Study of Action Design Research for Privacy Risk Management Engineering. She has accumulated two decades of research and consultancy experience in the fields of informational privacy, security and more recently in AI.

Maria is also the Chief Privacy Officer (CPO) for the European COST Action entitled “Fintech and Artificial Intelligence in Finance”. This action consists of a network of universities (50+) across Europe and beyond with 300+ active researchers involved in research collaboration.





Massimiliano Pappalardo is a lawyer specialized in the protection and enhancement of industrial and intellectual property assets of companies, in data protection and in the law of new technologies.  In these areas of activity, he provides his consultancy in favor of national and international companies. He is a partner of the Ughi e Nunziante Law Firm.

He works as Data Protection Officer for an important Italian multinational group in the fashion sector.  He was a member of the European Advisory Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (“IAPP”), for the two-year period 2020-2021.

He frequently writes on matters relating to Information Technology and Personal Data Protection. He is CIPP/E since 2014.



Gibert Paul-Olivier  – AFCDP FRANTA –

Conscious of the growing role of data in business and society, Paul-Olivier rapidly became involved in the field. First in the domain of personal data, by becoming President of the AFCDP, the French association of data protection professionals.

Paul-Olivier then founded Digital&Ethics in 2012, convinced of the need to develop new tools to ensure the ethical use of data.

Today, he and his team lead the Digital&Ethics project.

He is a regular speaker at conferences and roundtables on data-related issues. He is a graduate of the IEP in Paris.



DANIELA CIREASA – ASCPD ROMANIA – 6 years of GDPR application in Romania

Daniela Cireasa is President of the Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD), is co-author of the GDPR Applied work tool published in January 2020, participant and lecturer at events on personal data protection in Romania, joint winner with the team of the title of “Best DPO in Romania” in June 2019, author and co-author of numerous articles published in the “Romanian Magazine for security and data protection with personal character”, “Curierul Juridic”,, Daniela Cireașa is, by also Legal Consultant, Personal Data Protection Consultant and External DPO, Netspace founder and Branch President CONAF Brăila (National Confederation for Female Entrepreneurship). In March 2021 Daniela became “PECB Certified Data Protection Officer” and “PECB Certified Trainer”, both certifications being internationally recognized, thus offering its services as a trainer in within the courses for Personal Data Protection Officer.


About the Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD) Romania

The Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD) is created with the aim of informing and bringing together professionals who wish to successfully manage the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and related legislation, acting as an advisory body professional for people and organizations. ASPDC is a non-governmental, autonomous, apolitical and non-profit organization that helps to define, support and improve the profession of Data Protection Officer and other specialists in the field and operates in accordance with the provisions of OG no. 26/2000.

The ASCPD guides data protection officers and other data privacy specialists in solving the many legal, technical and organizational issues to achieve an appropriate balance between the interests of data subjects, who require protection, and those of operators.

The objective of the ASCPD is to provide concrete solutions to the issues facing privacy and data protection professionals, to raise awareness of the legislation and to provide its members with a forum in which these topics can be debated, as well as a venue of continuous professional training. ASCPD works to improve awareness of privacy-threatening technologies and laws to ensure the public is informed and engaged.

After a period of 12 months of monitoring the activity of ASCPD in Romania, the members of the Confederation of European Organizations for Data Protection (CEDPO) approved favorably, in April 2020, the accession of the Romanian organization, thus becoming the tenth member with full rights.

The Confederation of European Data Protection Organizations (CEDPO) is an “umbrella organization” that brings together the most representative national data protection associations in the European Union. CEDPO was founded in September 2011 by the Association Française des Correspondants à la Protection des Données à Caractère Personnel (AFCDP, France), Asociación Profesional Española de Privatidades (APEP, Spain), Gesellschaft fur Datenschutz und Datensicherheit eV (GDD, Germany) and Nederlands Genootschap van Functionarissen voor de Gegevensbescherming (NGFG, Netherlands). From the moment of its founding in 2011 until the accession of the Association of Privacy and Data Protection Specialists (ASCPD), only five organizations were invited to join the Confederation: ADPO from Ireland, ARGE Daten from Austria, ASSO DPO from Italy, SABI from Poland and AEPT from Portugal

The purpose of this Confederation is to promote the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) and to advocate for a balanced data protection system based on practical experience and efficiency. In addition, CEDPO actively contributes to better harmonization of data protection legislation and practices in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), uniting all member organizations in one voice and thus leveraging the rich and diverse experience of CEDPO member associations, who have practical knowledge of the issues surrounding the role and position of the DPO, as well as the day-to-day challenges they face. The CEDPO is also an active interlocutor for European decision-makers and data protection authorities in the context of the adoption and implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), its proposals playing an important role in defining the current legislation, especially in terms of regulating the position and of the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO). The CEDPO has also participated in the modernization of the Council of Europe Convention 108 (“Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data”), supporting better recognition of the crucial role that DPOs play in data protection in the days our. You can find more details about the association’s projects at

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